3 Methods Used in the Process of Engraving

To put it simply, engraving is the process of permanently marking an object by etching, either manually or mechanically, into the surface of that object. Many years ago, this process was done by hand using very simply tools, such as chisels, but over time, the process has drastically improved to the point where it is now not only cost effective, but cheap enough for the ordinary person to take advantage of. The good news about how the process has evolved is that it has become much easier to produce engravings of extremely high quality, as long as you have your hands on the right equipment to do the job, and so something that was once limited to a handful of wealthy people is now available to the masses.

The process of engraving is an intriguing one, and while it might have evolved, this doesn’t mean that this evolution has come to a halt. Currently, there are a variety of ways in which people engrave onto items ranging from jewellery to books, and there is no telling what advancements might occur in the future. The following is a quick look at some of the options people have to choose from when it comes to taking advantage of the engraving process.

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is perhaps one of the most time consuming and costly of engraving options, but believe it or not, it also happens to be one of the most preferred methods, particularly for items of value. The time and effort that goes into hang engraving an object is precisely what makes that object so valuable at the end of the day.

In order to be able to hand engrave, an engraver needs to make use of the appropriate tools, and this includes a microscope, since the detail tends to be very intricate. It takes years for engravers to be able to master this skill. It is interesting to note that items such as money and check plates are engraved with this process because of the fine detail that can be accomplished using the method, and furthermore, the detail is so fine that it often cannot be reproduced using machinery, making it very difficult for people to counterfeit.

When an engraver is working on something such as a money plate, it is quite common for organizations to make use of more than one engraver on each plate – this makes it very difficult for one person to copy the engraving at a later stage.

Machine-Led Engraving

Machine-led engravers are usually used for products such as weapons, and these are generally used in order to transfer specific designs onto metallic surfaces. Utilizing roller-die engravings, the desired image tends to be rolled out by the engravings using pressure, and this is something that can be done relatively quickly and easily, making it a much more cost effective option that hand engraving. This sort of engraving became increasingly popular in the 1800s.

Computer-Aided Engraving

Computers have changed the way humanity does most things, and this is no different with engraving. In many instances, when fine, difficult work needs to be done, a diamond stylus will be utilized in order to do the engraving. One of the biggest benefits with utilizing this sort of engraving tool is the fact that it actually increases the accuracy of the job, although not to the same degree that is possible with hand engraving.

Due to the cost effective nature of machine-led engraving services, most retailers will have one of these machines on site, and this then allows them to personalize the products that they are selling. When manufacturing these machines, it is important for manufacturers to focus on their user friendly nature, because they tend to be used by laymen, such as sales clerks.

When it comes to utilizing the tool, engravers simply need to pick out a graphic that will then be inputted into the machine, before being transferred by the process of engraving. Due to the flexible nature of these machines, it is possible for retailers to engrave just about anything onto the item of choice, including graphics, letters and numbers.

Engraving was once something that belonged to the wealthy, but now everyone can enjoy the benefits of this timeless craft.