5 Types of Engraved Gifts

The giving of engraved gifts is perhaps some of the most personal and exciting ways to show someone you care for them, and the great news is, they come in all shapes and sizes. One of the reasons people turn to these presents for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions is the fact that you can personalize just about anything, and this means that the sky is the limit when it comes to spoiling the person you care about.


One of the best types of engraved gifts is a piece of jewellery with a quote, name or date that is lovingly picked and added to the item. Jewellery is something that people can wear every day, and what is more, it is something that can be passed down for generations to enjoy. People usually take good care of their jewellery, so this is also something that the giver can rest assured will last for years to come. Another great thing about engraved jewellery is that there are so many options to pick from when it comes to choosing these pieces, and they will work for anyone, male or female, young or old.

Kitchen utensils

A person’s favourite kitchen utensil, engraved with a funny or meaningful quote, makes for a really great gift, and in most cases, will likely be very much appreciated. These sorts of gifts are really practical, especially since most people will end up cooking at least one or two dishes in their lifetime, so the gift will be something that they actually use, rather than just something that they choose to display. These days, engraved wooden spoons make for great gifts, and they tend to be perfect for those you care about, as well as gifts intended for people you might not know very well.

Clocks and Watches

The clock or wristwatch is a timeless gift that has been given for centuries, because these items are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. This sort of gift is something that makes for the perfect anniversary, graduation or birthday present, and a simple engraving ensures that it turns into something a person will cherish forever. When it comes to picking out the watch, you can decide how much you want to spend on it, and it is your choice whether you want to invest in a classic, expensive piece, or whether you simply want to liven up a simple, cost effective timepiece.

Plaques and Ornaments

You don’t need to give someone a practical gift in order for it to be appreciated, especially if you pick the appropriate words, dates or graphics to have imprinted on these types of engraved gifts. Plaques and ornaments make for exciting gifts because they can be displayed in much the same way as trophies – with a sense of pride and accomplishment. It is quite common for individuals to give these sorts of ornaments to very special people, such as parents and grandparents, but they also make great gifts for co-workers. In the end, it is important to get creative with this sort of present because this allows you to turn an ordinary item into something that someone can cherish for years to come.

Sporting Equipment

Most people do not think of sporting equipment when it comes to engraved gifts, but these are actually some of the most perfect items to have engraved. Someone who loves to play golf, for example, might cherish a 9 iron that is engraved with their initials, or even a set of golf balls that are engraved with a special quote or name. Sports enthusiasts who have just about everything they need to perfect their game are often very difficult to buy for when it comes to special days of the year, which is why engraved presents such as these can come in handy.

Engraved gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and this means that the only thing that limits your options is your imagination. Thanks to technology, just about anything and everything can now be engraved, so it is usually just a matter of deciding what sorts of gifts will be most appropriate, before making a decision about how an engraving can breathe some life into an otherwise ordinary gift.