4 Ways to Turn Engraved Gifts into Treasured Keepsakes

When it comes to engraved gifts, these items are so much more than just objects with random lettering or numbering added to them – they can be turned into valuable mementos of a time, place or occasion. There are many ways that people can transform ordinary items into extraordinary gifts, and all it takes is a little time, effort and know-how. Before you choose how you are going to engrave your next gift, it might help you make yourself aware of some of the ways in which people are able to do just that.

Engrave a Date

One of the most exciting ways to turn engraved gifts into treasured items is to engrave a meaningful date onto the item. When you add a date to a gift, it has the power to take that person back to that occasion, time and time again. In a sense, your gift becomes a time machine, and it is something that the recipient can treasure for many years to come.

Dates are great because they say so much without the recipient having to say much at all, and what is more, they work perfectly for smaller items, such as rings. A date is a very personal way of engraving an item, because it is usually only the recipient that will remember what that particular date signifies, and there are few things more personalized than that.

Engrave a Name

Giving engraved gifts with the names of someone the recipient loves, or even their own name, is another way to increase the sentimental value of an item. Some people choose to have items such as wedding rings engraved with their partners’ names, while others have their own items of jewellery personalized with their own names. Once you have engraved someone’s name onto an item, in a sense that item becomes something that is uniquely theirs, forever, and this is perhaps one of the most appealing things about this sort of gift. There is a reason why so many people get excited at the prospect of owning ordinary items such as pens, with their own names on them – it often seems as if the item and the recipient were destined for each other.

Engrave a Quote

Engraving a quote onto an item is a really great way of personalizing a gift with a meaningful, and sometimes even powerful string of words. The quote can be something significant to the recipient, or it can be something that reminds the giver of the recipient. One of the most exciting things about adding a quote onto an item, whether it is a piece of jewellery or even a plaque of some description, is that the gift giver can get really creative with these types of engraved gifts.

The sky is the limit when it comes to picking out the words that will adorn a particular item, and this includes common sayings spoken by friends and family. The gift giver has the chance to add something meaningful, or even something funny, to an item that reminds them of someone they care about, and this allows them to turn something ordinary into something that is truly remarkable.

Engrave a Picture

Graphics can be engraved onto just about any item, and while these are a great substitute for words, or dates, they can also make for great accompaniments. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and when you are working with limited space, a picture will often say a lot more than words can.

With the technology that is available in this day and age, detailed graphics can often be included on engraved gifts, making it easy for you to add anything from a simple symbol to a photograph of the person you care about.

Turning a simple item into something that someone will cherish for years to come is easier than most people might think. By turning an item into something that is uniquely suited to the recipient, you can rest assured that the item will grow in value in the eyes of the receiver. When choosing to personalize engraved gifts, there is no telling what is possible when someone makes the decision to spoil a loved one with a gift that is truly unique.