Getting to Know the Different Types of Trophies 

Trophies have stood for years as markers of success and achievement, so it is no wonder that so many different types have sprung up over the years. Centuries ago, the trophy was a simple symbol of success, and ranged from actual, life size boasts to castings, and while they still represent success today, they tend to come in a different form.

The Two-Handled Cup

The two-handled cup is perhaps one of the most common visual representations of the trophy, and it is also one of the most common awards handed out at sporting events, particularly the bigger ones. This sort of trophy tends to be extremely popular within the world of rugby and football, and most sporting enthusiasts will be familiar with some of the more famous examples, such as the FA Cup. While this might be one of the most popular trophy examples on the market, it is by no means the only one.

Representations of People

One of the most elegant forms of trophy is that of the statuettes, which represent people, and these tend to be very popular in the performing arts. The statue could have the figure doing something, such as bowling, or it could simply be standing to attention, such as the famous Academy Award Oscar. It is interesting to note that it is not possible to sell an Academy Award to just anyone. According to the experts, there is an underwriting in the contract when a winner receives this prestigious award that allows them to sell their trophy to one entity, and that is the Academy Awards themselves – for $1.

The Glass Trophy

In recent years, glass and crystal have become increasingly popular materials for the manufacturing of trophies, and this is partly because the finished product tends to look and feel very elegant. It is quite common for these trophies to be utilized in the arts, as well as for corporate events, and the most costly they are, the more prestigious the award tends to be. What makes this sort of trophy very appealing is the fact that the winner’s details can be inscribed onto the glass or crystal, instead of on a metal plaque, and this makes the item a very appealing display object. For those looking for a cost effective version of the crystal trophies, there are a variety of glass-made awards that will look and feel just like crystal.

Hunting Trophies

Hunting trophies often do not take the form of a trophy at all, at least not in the traditional sense. Within the world of hunting, the trophy often takes the shape of the animal itself, often in the form of the animal’s head. These trophies, after they have been hunted, go through a process of being cleaned and stuffed, and once this has been completed, they will be mounted onto a wall. In many instances, the animal head is mounted onto a wooden board, which serves as the basis for the trophy.

The Perpetual or Floating Trophy

The perpetual or floating trophy might not be a visually unique type of trophy, rather than the manner in which the trophy is handed out and stored, but it is no less worth a mention. The floating trophy is a trophy that is awarded, yearly or at set intervals in time, and it doesn’t belong to the team to which it is awarded. Rather, this sort of trophy is handed to the champions of that specific competition, and it might be new winners claiming the trophy each and every time. It is quite common for these trophies to have a plaque with the winner’s names and dates engraved, as a recording of their successes. It is important that the winning team take good care of the trophy, as it will need to be passed on as soon as the competition takes place again in the future.

Trophies are available in all shapes and sizes, and this is a part of what makes them so interesting. Getting to know a bit more about the nature of different trophies can tell you a lot about the events during which they are awarded, as well as the value that people tend to instil in these items.