Trophy Engraving: Creating Everlasting Memories

Trophies are given to sportsmen, scientists, students, eminent people in different walks of life, and in the world of entertainment. These trophies are given to recognize the talent and the achievement of the individual and teams. Trophies and plaques are rewards for the hard work and sheer talent of the people and this is why every effort is made to keep the quality of these trophies very high. Their aesthetic appeal is very important as they are given during award functions and ceremonies. This is the reason why these trophies are made beautiful by engraving. Trophy engraving means a lot to the recipient of the award also. This is because it carries text describing his name, the name of the award, and the year in which he won it.


Engraving or etching the name of the recipient and the name of the ward on the metallic surface of the trophy has become very popular these days. Though it is more expensive than printing, it nevertheless beautifies the trophy in such a manner that most of the trophies being awarded these days can be seen engraved rather than printed. Engraving is permanent in the sense that the text or the design remains over the metallic surface for as long as the trophy remains in the custody of the recipient. No matter what the method of engraving chosen, it is the aesthetic appeal of engraving that compels people to go in favor of trophy engraving.


Engraving can make atrophy look very beautiful

If you have been picked up to get the trophies engraved by your boss, it is your responsibility to find a good quality trophy engraving service to make sure that engraving is high quality and attractive. This is because engraving can make or mar the design and overall look of the trophy. Good engraving will convey everything about the trophy, the recipient, and the reason why it is being awarded to him. This message becomes clearer and outstanding with the help of engraving as all eyes catch this etching of text and design over the shining metallic surface. However, trophy engraving is not the same for all kinds of trophies. Sports trophies have a different design and layout than trophies handed out by the corporate world. It is the purpose of giving the award that decides what type of engraving would suit the trophy. It is not just the method used to engrave a trophy but also the type of font and its size that is important in making a trophy look great.


With the passage of time and the emergence of new technologies for engraving, it has become possible to carry out engraving on many different materials other than metallic surfaces. Today, engraving can be done over wood, glass, plastic, fabric, and even paper. This is not all as it is not just text or logo that can be engraved but also images that can be put over the surface of the trophy. This means it is possible to have the image of the founder of the institution in whose name trophy is being awarded to recipients every year. You must contact trophy engraving companies and specify your requirements to have the design incorporated into the trophy without any compromises. These companies make use of the services of very high quality artists that carry out the actual engraving over the surface of the trophies.


Trophies given in the corporate world

The corporate world recognizes special talent among its employees who achieve and surpass sales targets. These trophies are also awarded by government bodies to promote and encourage entrepreneurship among the people. While metallic trophies are still very popular, more and more institutions are today opting for a combination of metal and glass. Fortunately, glass can be engraved using a technique called sand blasting. This allows trophy engraving services to make beautiful and mesmerizing trophies with metal at the base and glass design in the front.


Trophies given in the sporting world

Trophies are an integral part of the world of sports with successful players and teams given trophies in recognition of their success in various tournaments. These trophies are more bright and colorful than the trophies given in the corporate world. Engraving is also much bolder in the case of trophies in the sports arena.