5 Questions Every Customer Should Ask Before Investing in Trophy Engraving

Customers utilize trophy engraving for many reasons – to thank a loyal employee, to commemorate a win in a sporting event or to spice up a charity event. A lot of time and effort goes into picking the right trophy for a specific occasion, so it is important that the engraving meets with a client’s high expectations. If you’re interested in trophy engraving, there are a few questions that you simply need to ask in order to ensure you get the sort of quality service you can be proud of.


How Do You Submit The Engraving Information To The Business?


One of the most important questions you need to ask when investing in trophy engraving is how you should go about submitting the engraving information to the business that will be getting the job done. Remember, engravers will usually take exactly what you write down and engrave it onto the trophy – this means you need to make sure that the information is 100% correct. Usually, the best way to do this is via the company’s website.


How Will You Know What The Finished Product Will Look Like?


Once you have chosen the fonts, bars, layout and lines, you will most likely have an idea about what your trophy will look like, but it helps to have a layout proof that will confirm your expectations. A proof not only allows you to determine what the trophy will look like upon completion, but it also allows you to make any changes you see fit before the actual work is done. When you receive a proof, look over it very carefully. Never assume that the company has every detail right, because everyone makes mistakes. Take a moment to ensure that it is exactly what you want before giving the final nod of approval.


Is This a Complete List of Awards?


You might spend hours searching through a trophy engraving service’s website or store front, looking through what they have to offer, but this doesn't mean you’ll find what you want. If you have something very specific in mind, take a chance and inquire about whether they have it in stock, or whether they will be able to order it for you. Don’t be afraid to be specific with regards to what you want. You might be surprised at just how flexible their services can be when you contact the right company for the job.


What Sorts of Images Can You Use?


It isn’t just words that can be engraved onto trophies; many people have images immortalized on these items. When you’re having your trophy engraved, therefore, it helps to know what sort of photos or graphics you will be able to transfer onto the object. It is fairly common for most medium and high quality photos to be transferable, but if you are unsure about this, simply submit the photo to the company and they’ll be able to provide you with an answer one way or the other.


When sending the pictures, it is important that you make use of the appropriate format, since not all of them are accepted. Most professionals will accept tif, .cfr and .jpg formats, although this isn’t a conclusive list. Be sure to inquire about the acceptable formats before submitting your pictures so you only have to do this once. Reformatting and resubmitting can be tiresome, and if you are trying to meet a tight deadline, these delays can be disastrous.


Are There Any Hidden Costs?


Most trophy engraving services will advertise their costs right on their site, but this doesn’t necessarily mean this is the price you will end up paying. Whenever you place an order, always be sure to inquire about any hidden costs you might not be aware of. Some of these hidden costs include shipping and even the engraving itself, so make sure you have all of the costs outlined.


Having a trophy engraved is a really great way to honor a person, group or organization, but it also involves making a variety of decisions about the trophy and the process of engraving itself. Anyone looking to take advantage of this service will want to make sure they know what to expect from the start, and this includes asking the right questions.