Getting To Know 3 Different Methods of Trophy Engraving

Trophy engraving is done in a variety of ways, but three of the most common methods include hand engraving, machine engraving and machine-aided engraving. These three services are utilized in different contexts because they produce varying results when compared with one another.


Hand Engraving


Most trophy engraving services tend not to hand-engrave their orders, but there are still those who do. This sort of procedure is much more time consuming that the machine-centred approaches, but it is often utilized when microscopic details are required to get a job done. It is much more common for hand engraving to be utilized on projects such as printing money, bonds and checks, and less for trophy engraving. In these instances, this sort of process is used because normal computers struggle to reproduce the detail created by an experienced engraver and it is often just as difficult to scan it, in order to make reproductions.


It is more common for hand engraving to be utilized in the fields of weaponry, the making the musical instruments and the engraving of jewellery. In commercial fields, this sort of service is much more costly and fairly time consuming, which is why it has been replaced with machine-oriented procedures.


Machine Engraving


One of the most efficient ways of transferring words and images onto metal surfaces, such as trophies, is by utilizing machinery to get the job done. It is quite common for companies to make use of procedures such as roll stamping, or even roller-die engraving. In order to accomplish this, an image is usually imprinted onto a piece of metal with the subtle use of force.


This form of engraving is extremely efficient because machines work much faster than humans do. This means that companies can often complete projects a lot faster than they would have using human hands. Ultimately, this ends up becoming much more cost efficient for the customer, allowing just about anyone to take advantage of engraving services.


Computer-Aided Engraving


Computer-aided engraving has revolutionized the way that people engrave and this has even allowed small stores to offer these services to the public. There are a variety of systems that function within this field, although many utilize a diamond stylus in order to do the cutting. One of the biggest benefits of this form of engraving is that it can be used to engrave anything from trophies to jewellery, without the high expenses associated with hand engraving.


In order to get the system started, an image or graphic will need to be created, usually by a professional, and this will then be translated into the machine utilizing digital signals. These signals will inform the machine of what it should be doing and guide it as it goes about its job.


These sorts of machines are much smaller than the commercial, machine-operated systems, which mean they can be somewhat costlier to operate, but this also means that they will be able to tackle a very wide range of materials, including plastic and metal. This flexibility has made this procedure a very popular option within the field of engraving. While these machines are able to tackle crystal and glass (two very popular trophy options in this day and age), this is something that needs to be handled with a lot of care and will often take more time to complete. Glass and crystal can crack or shatter if not engraved precisely and gently, so it is important that a professional understand the limitations of this material before putting it under the knife, so to speak.


Laser machines are becoming some of the most popular engraving tools within the commercial industry because they are fast-working and cost efficient to operate. What is more, the end result is usually extremely clear and concise, making it a more visually appealing option than the alternative machine engraving systems.


There are a variety of ways that trophy engraving professionals can go about completing their work, but as technology changes, so do the systems that these professionals use to get the job done. As professionals come up with more effective methods of producing outstanding results, customers will continue to benefit from their efforts, and this is what makes these changes so exciting.