Sublimation vs. Laser Engraving Services – What You Should Know

Anyone opting for engraving services will likely want to take some time to understand the different sorts of approaches that can be taken when completing this process, since there is a wide range of options available. Sublimation and laser engraving are two well known options that are currently available to clients and they are as different in approach as they are in the results they offer. Both these options offer quality results, but everything from the time it takes to complete each process to the cost will differ, depending on which one is chosen.


What is Sublimation Engraving?


Sublimation engraving is one of the most common approaches used by companies today. This is not only because this approach is so efficient, but it is also because it is much more cost effective when compared with many of the alternatives on the market, including the laser engraving services.


In order to understand why this approach is so cost effective, it is important to understand how this process works. Instead of extracting material from a material, like many other forms of engraving (including laser engraving) this process prints onto a metal plate. The machinery used to complete this “printing” uses pressure and heat that can reach up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit; a necessary temperature for the sublimation to transfer.


One of the biggest advantages of sublimation is that it can actually print in different colours, although not all companies offer this service. Most businesses offer a straight forward black engraving service. Having this flexibility available makes it easier for customers to customize whatever items they have in mind, and when it comes to engraving, this can mean a lot.


It is quite common for professionals to utilize this method of engraving on light coloured materials, since it tends to look much more appealing, especially when combined with silver anodized aluminium or gold. What is more, there is no end to the various fonts and graphics that can be imprinted onto a trophy or plaque utilizing the sublimation engraving technique.


Getting to Know Laser Engraving


Laser engraving is fast becoming one of the most popular options for clients who are having trophies, plaques and even medals engraved, although this can also be one of the costlier forms of engraving techniques on the market. This form of engraving is costlier because it takes longer for the process to be completed, among other reasons. In some cases, this sort of engraving can take up to 20 minutes, depending on what needs to be engraved.


The laser engraving works to actually burn away material and it is quite common for certain materials, such as acrylics, to take on a white appearance until the area is filled utilizing a black or gold hue. When this technique is used on wood, the engraving turns a much darker colour, while engravings will take on the look of the base metal when this process is used on painted metals. This is because the painted surface of the metal has been burned off.


Laser engraving services can be used on just about every sort of material, including wood, cork, plastic, leather, brass and marble, among other materials. This makes this form of engraving one of the most versatile. This also means that customers will often opt for this form of engraving service to personalize everyday items, from pens to shoes. What is more, due to the flexibility of this engraving technology, just about any text or graphic can be applied to the object in mind, regardless of its size or complexity.


Getting to know the various forms of engraving services available make it easier for clients to determine which ones will suit their needs. It is not only the cost of the service that a client should consider, but also the overall quality of the finished product, and this means customers need to mull over everything from the material being engraved to whether the text is going to be filled upon completion.


There might not be one “right way” to engrave an item, but there will be some options that are more effective at getting certain results than others; this is why it pays to know what options are available to you.