Trophy Engraving through Laser

Trophies are mementoes given to individuals, teams and organizations for their achievements and excellence in various walks of life. Sportsmen play to win not only matches for their countries but also to win trophies as they mean a lot to them. Lifting a trophy in front of thousands of spectators is a very special feeling. Even those who give away these awards know the importance of these trophies. They make every effort to make high quality and very beautiful trophies. One way to make trophies aesthetically very appealing is to get the name of the award and the recipient inscribed over them. This method of trophy engraving has become very popular these days.


Trophy engraving is possible over different materials

Engraving is an ancient art of raising the material of the surface over which text and designs are created. It has been known to mankind since ages. Engraving was earlier done by creating grooves by manually putting pressure over the surface of the metallic sheet manually. It was a painstaking procedure that was carried out by skilled craftsmen. The art was perfected by goldsmiths as they turned items of jewelry into beautiful mementoes by engraving the name and the message of the customer over them. Development of new techniques has also made it possible for the engravers to create etching of texts and designs over materials other than metals. In fact, engraving is being done on materials such as wood, glass, plastic, and even paper to create beautiful gift items. Even Trophy engraving is not limited to metals and there are many institutions that are giving away trophies made using combinations of glass and metal.


Laser engraving is not out of the reach of common people

In recent times, engraving has become much more consumer friendly in monetary terms. It has been possible with the development of modern techniques and the use of computer and pneumatic machines to obliterate manual pressure required creating the grooves in the material.


Laser engraving of trophies has become very popular

Of late, laser engraved 3D trophies have become very popular. Laser printing has become the most popular choice because of the beautiful and mesmerizing designs that can be created over the surface of the trophies. Laser printing is not only easy; it is also very efficient and fast. Laser engraved trophies are also very durable. These trophies remain as beautiful as they are for a long time to come. One great feature of laser engraving over trophies is that it does not make use of toxic solvents. This means that trophy engraving using this technique is safe for all those who give away these awards and also for the recipients who keep them in their homes and display them with pride to their friends and relatives.


It is precise and very efficient

Laser engraving to produce beautiful trophies is popular because of the fact that the depth and the height of the alphabets remain precise and there is never a fault in the text or the design. This is the reason why customer satisfaction is the highest with trophies made using laser engraving. Another great feature of this type of engraving is that it utilizes very little equipment in comparison to traditional methods of engraving. In fact, the tools required to carry out laser engraving are cheaper than engraving done using traditional methods.


Create designs in 3D using laser

Good thing about laser engraving is that it provides endless design options to the customer. It can easily create not just 2D but even 3D designs over trophies to turn them into pieces of art. Trophy engraving with laser can be done using rotary engraving, 3d engraving, and through computer numerical control. The technique to create 3D designs over trophies through laser is also known as routing method. This is because of the fact that engraving is done on all the axes. Though it looks very complicated, but it turns out to be a breeze with the help of the machines. It is the CNC method of trophy engraving that provides the most accurate results. Rotary method is so called because of the fact that the tools and equipment that are made of carbide remain in rotating position all through the process of trophy engraving.