Trophy Engraving Ideas: Different Methods for Different Trophies

Trophy is given to an individual or a group to recognize its achievements. These trophies are thus symbols of victory or some achievement. If you have won a trophy yourself or seen it being given to players, scientists, doctors, teachers or social workers, you must have noticed that they come in all shapes and designs. There are very large trophies and there are also very small but beautiful trophies. There are different ways of creating text and patterns over the material with which trophies are made. One of these methods makes use of engraving. Trophy engraving is the process of creating a design or text over the hard surface of a metal in a bid to make the trophy beautiful and impressive.


Engraving has traditionally been more attractive and impressive

You can create a trophy by painting the surface of the metal used to make it but engraving is much more attractive and creates a better impression on not only the recipient but also on all those who come to attend the ceremony distribution ceremony. Trophy engraving tells you about the name of the winner, the body awarding the trophy, and the reason why this trophy is being awarded to the recipient. There are various methods of engraving that can be used to create the text and the logo of the body giving the award. One of the oldest methods of engraving is manual. This requires a skillful artist who creates the design and text in a slow and painstaking manner. Engraving by hand is a difficult process and employed rarely these days. There are very few artists left in the world who are doing this as a profession.


Engraving requires a hard and flat surface

The method of engraving depends upon the material that is being used to make the trophy. Engraving can be done on any flat and hard material and the most common materials used for carrying out this procedure are metals and glasses. While sandblasting is the method used for engraving of glass, it is laser engraving that is considered the most versatile of all engraving methods. It is also the costliest of all trophy engraving methods. Computer engraving has also become very popular these days because of its beauty and precise nature.


Laser engraving

Laser engraving makes use of lasers to cut shapes out of the material. Later, black color or metallic shades are put into place to highlight these shapes to. This method of trophy engraving is used to create highly prestigious awards because of its costly nature. A lot of time goes into preparing the materials and the designs when laser is used to make engraved trophies. This is the reason why it is such a costly method. The cost of engraving is usually dependent upon the design or the logo to be created over the material used for making the trophy. Laser engraving can b carried out on many different materials such as acrylics, wood, metal, etc.



If glass is the material being used to make the trophy, it is engraved by employing a technique called sandblasting. Sandblasting is done with the help of a gun that blows sand over the surface of the glass. Later, the same nozzle is used to cut grooves on the glass to give the impression of engraving. Glass engraving has become very popular as it creates a different look for the trophy to be distributed. This type of trophy engraving looks very artistic. This is the reason why more and more of award bodies and institutions are going in for glass engraving these days.


Computer engraving

Computer engraving is a method that utilizes a computer to guide a rotary head over the surface from which material is removed to create the effect of engraving. The rotary head that scratches the surface usually has a diamond tip that easily removes material from the surface. Computer engraving is very precise and also a very fast and efficient method to carry out trophy engraving.


No matter which material and method of engraving you choose, trophy engraving will make your trophies look classy and beautiful. You can get more ideas for engraving your trophies from internet to make your trophies beautiful and interesting.